Reach the next money goal in your business! 


Boost productivity and profits in your business faster than you ever thought possible! 

It's no secret that growing your business can feel overwhelming and even deflating whether you’re new in business or you’ve been in business for years but are not hitting your income goals. 


The reality is that success often feels so far out of reach OR like a guessing game…trying to figure out what to do and what’s even working.


You are passionate about the work you do and deeply desire to make an impact. You feel “called” to do what you’re doing and you’re ready to get the tools, support, community to help you thrive!


I believe that it’s POSSIBLE to be more fulfilled, have more fun, AND be much more financially successful! You don’t have to keep going at it alone or wondering what to do or who to ask for help. No more endless searching for the right way to get your business out there spending your time and money without much results to show for it! 


If you have been waiting for the right time or price you don't have to wait any longer! Cut the learning curve and go directly to productivity and profits! 



Without a doubt this is the best investment you will ever make in your business!

This is the opportunity you have been waiting for!

  • Get unstuck

    Stop feeling defeated trying to make this work on your own - get the help you need to soar!  

  • Take Action

    It's time to stop with the courses, webinars, freebies and get into action!

  • Change Your Money Story

    Your past does not have to equal your future - you have the power to change that NOW and leave a legacy of prosperity behind! 



The guidance, accountability, tools, and support to reach your goals in life and business

  • Clear Strategies

  • Results Focused Coaching

  • No  More Staying Stuck or Shiny Object Syndrome

It's TIME... 


It’s time to say YES to support, asking for what you need, and giving yourself permission to invest in your business!


The best part is that you don't have to go broke to get it! I believe in you so much that I am making this a very affordable program so you can start growing and making money NOW! 


The Next Level Academy is not a learning academy - it's a TAKE ACTION academy which you will learn by immersion in a like minded community in a live weekly coaching and strategy sessions! 


It’s time to answer to your calling transforming your vision into action! 


I am in business to our YOUR business succeed! 


So, will you join me?

Stay connected anywhere with our virtual membership portal and coaching sessions! 

As a member of the Academy you will get access to: 

And a network of high caliber coaches, consultants, strategists and many other industries right at your fingertips! 

Weekly coaching, challenges, accountability and much more in a like minded community meeting you exactly where you are and guiding you, your business and your bottom line to the next level!

Weekly Coaching

Coaching every Wednesday at 11AM MST 1PM EST

Membership Portal

Portal with the coaching calls replays and downloaded materials

Strategy Session

Monthly personalized strategy one on one sessions

Facebook Group

Closed facebook group in like minded community


Space is limited! 


Start growing your business

Regular Pricing $597

For only $297/month

100% Privacy. 

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Working with me is based on results...

Differently than most coaches that coach through the mindset then actions, 

I reverse engineered the process.


I believe that is one of the reasons I was named one of the top 40 coaches to follow in 2019!


Coaching by immersion which is essentially ACTIONS then MINDSET.

The name of the Academy came after my clients lovingly calling me Action Coach and

Next Level Coach due to my lovingly challenging them to reach the next level session after session.


I believe in action based coaching - not only by information and knowledge! 


Think of how many courses, webinars, books, live events and even coaching you have invested time and money in and not implemented it despite your best efforts! Coaching you in implementing the steps before the mindset, knowledge and information will get you the immediate results that you need and your mindset will have no choice but to catch up! 


With my background of over 10 years as the financial administrator of a multi million dollars business and also certified under the famous Tony Robbins as a Strategic Interventionist and

have over 1000 hours in coaching I have helped hundreds of

people to complete change their lives!



Will you be next?



I cannot accurately put into words how Rebeca has impacted my life. In literally just one session - ONE - she set me straight. Here we are less than two months later and I feel like a completely different person in EVERY aspect of my life. Every working and personal relationship has improved exponentially, my emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual health have all sky rocketed, and my business has grown leaps and bounds in ways I thought would take years. Rebeca, you are a God send. Thank you for helping me get *unstuck* and catapulting me to the next level!

Brittanie Mendez

CEO & Founder, PawPals

This woman is phenomenal. 
I recommend her 100%

Anyone that comes in contact with Rebeca is going to move on from that moment a better person.

I have heard profound words and have been given profound support.

I am lucky to have met this extraordinary coach.

Joseph Houseworth

CEO, Zero260 Design Lab

I wish that I can give Rebeca 10 stars. She is a star at what she does. She has helped me in so many ways from mindset, money issues, and even marketing ideas. I highly suggest her for life coaching or money coaching. Her warm smile and kindness will make anyone feel comfortable.

Becca Darling

Owner, Rebecca Rose Fine Portraits

In the membership portal you will find

  • Pre-Work

    The breakdown of a facebook live to get your audience paying attention! 


    Value $97 

  • Business 101

    Registering your business and knowing your mission, your vision and your goals. 


    Value: $97

  • Selling & Packaging

    Narrow down on your package, your ideal clients and your pricing. 


    Value: $197

  • Content Creation

    Speaking directly to your demographic, knowing how your ideal client consumes content and create content in bulk. 


    Value: $197

  • Consistent Clients

    Answering the million dollar question. Using guerilla marketing and creating a marketing budget. 


    Value: $197

  • Sales Calls

    The breakdown of a sales calls. Offering the short term and hand held solution. Establishing the like/know/trust factor and positioning yourself as an expert. 


    Value: $197

  • Marketing Strategy

    Getting your ideal clients from unaware to clients. Creating sales funnels and pricing funnel. 


    Value: $197

  • Systems

    Creating seamless systems to simplify your business and make more money in less time. 


    Value: $197

  • The Next Level You

    Embodying your vision in the highest level so you can serve and receive at your next level.   


    Value: $197

From homeless to money coach & business strategist

Growing up the first time I became homeless was when I train track was built over our family house. I remember having to go live with my maternal grandparents and while my dad went to live with his parents because the house wasn't big enough for all of us. I remember wishing Santa Claus would give us another house to stop my family being split up and put an end to all of the fights. 


The second time I was homeless was when I decided to leave a toxic relationship where he was emotionally and financially abusive. While sleeping in my car I decided that enough was enough and I was never going to be this broke or broken again. Once I changed my relationship with MONEY and immediately began helping everyone around me

with their money issues and money MINDSET.


Sooner than I realized I was helping people make more money by walking them through opening their own businesses so they wouldn't be limited to a paycheck. 


Now I help business owners grow their business through coaching, strategies,

support and accountability. 


Don't miss this opportunity!


Ps: This is a month to month membership. You may cancel at any time. 



Rebeca is very talented, amazing coach. She has coached me on my business as well as personally and I am so grateful for her support, strategies and knowledge. Rebeca is very skillful in understanding exactly what I need and challenges me to be true to myself and take action. I highly recommend you to be coached by Rebeca I am sure you will be as grateful to her as I am. 

Melissa Worme

Life & Relationship Coach

As a small business owner and dealing with so much I was falling behind with finances and budgeting. With Rebeca as my coach I have a budget set and am already on my way to saving for a vacation to Europe which I don't think I could do without her. What sets her apart? She hows you how to shift your thoughts about your money issues from negative to positive. The biggest plus about working with her is her sense of humor and genuine niceness. 

Lauren Egle

Owner, Earth N Balance 

I have had the pleasure of meeting with Rebeca on a few occasions and I always walk away with a fire bubbling up within me! Not only does she facilitate a mindset shift (which is foundational for anything else), but she is also committed to spurring action. I always walk away with actionable task that I can immediately implement and see results! Rebeca is such a ray of sunshine. I have had other coaching experiences that were lacking for one reason or another, but Rebeca is the real deal. Her genuine heart and passion for seeing others succeed sets her apart. I can't thank her enough! 

Angela Money

Leadership Coach


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