You don't have to do it all to have it all!

Leveling up to your six-figure business begins here 



I see you! You ARE ready.


You're ready to up level in every area of your life to bigger and better things.


You're ready to have the life and business you know you've been called to. 


WHAT to do has never been your problem! You've  got the roadmap ready to go, and we both know you have the grit to get there! 


But HOW to do it has got you sitting in "Park", not moving an inch. And honestly, it's not your fault. 


Every time you look around there is some new strategy, a new route that seems to be working overnight for everyone but you!


So I see you. But I want you now to see yourself. 


See the version of you who is sitting confidently at the wheel, pushing down the gas pedal, no longer stuck! See you moving forward in your business with effortless ease.


So, what is the six figure secret?


What do "those" other entrepreneurs do differently that's always attracting the right opportunities into their lives?


They have a solid, six figure foundation, built one $10K at a time.


And the Six Figure Society™️? It's the program that will give you the foundation of your own six figure business - built your way!

Starts Soon! 

  • Level Up Your Strategy

    Simplify your offers and start attracting ideal clients

  • Up Level Your Money Mindset

    Upgrade your mindset when it comes to money

  • Up Level Your Business

    Create a sustainable business model that gives you freedom

​And just to show you how much I believe in you, I'm going to give you step 1 right now:


Stop tearing down your own foundation with limiting beliefs about your business.


"I have already invested in 5 courses, 3 live programs, a Facebook Ad! I don't know how much more I can spend to make it allllll the way to 6 figures."


"I work nearly every waking moment now! How on earth could I survive doubling my workload to make it to $10K every month???"


The great news is that you don't have to increase the money OR time you're spending on your business to make your six figure dreams come true! 


You can finally steer away from just adding more things to your business, and instead focus on:


1. Creating The Right Offer

2. Implementing The Right Strategy

3. Adopting The Right Mindset


Simplify to Scale


A six figure business that flows easily doesn't come from piling on more offers, more services, more freebies, and more tasks in an endless to do list.


Your six figure business can be simple.


And this is your time to create it inside the

Six Figure Society™️!

How would it feel...

To feel confident about your business income?

Imagine, confidently investing to improve our customer experience, meeting your income goals consistently, never avoiding an invoice email and paying yourself easily!


The Six Figure Society™️ will immerse you in proven strategies and the next level mindset work to get you there!


You CAN be the CEO of your prosperous business, living and working in the overflow!


It's time to say YES to stepping into your six figure self!


Sign up today and get: 

Step by step strategies and mindset guidance to get you into CEO mode now!


Clear step by step strategies.

No more guess work

Daily Planner

90 Day planner to get you into action - now

Live Calls

Strategy, mindset and hot seat style weekly coaching calls

FB Community

A facebook community to meet you exactly where you are and walk with you through the tough stuff


Space is limited! 


Your next level business starts now

Paid in full $3,000


6 Payments of $555

100% Privacy. 

Mindset meets strategy...


I remember when I first began investing in my mindset, tried to apply all the strategies at the same time, and it left me feeling completely deflated. At time I even found myself rethinking if this whole six figure business was for me!


Even though I was doing all of the "right things",

I was not getting the results I wanted. 


Then I finally broke the mold and created a framework that WORKS! 


And it's worked for me (and my clients) all the way to six figures!


The perfect mix of strategy and mindset that gets you results!   

Together we will create a business that flows. 

Simply put - we will simplify to scale!


Are you in?

I cannot accurately put into words how Rebeca has impacted my life. In literally just one session - ONE - she set me straight. Here we are less than two months later and I feel like a completely different person in EVERY aspect of my life. Every working and personal relationship has improved exponentially, my emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual health have all sky rocketed, and my business has grown leaps and bounds in ways I thought would take years. Rebeca, you are a God send. Thank you for helping me get *unstuck* and catapulting me to the next level!

Brittanie Mendez

CEO & Founder, PawPals


January my business billed $1800 (it was a rough month!). A 2K retainer client had personal issues and still hasn't returned to her business to this day.  Another $500 retainer copy client ended his service after a year with me. 


That's why I am shocked and grateful af!! to share that I just ended my April billing cycle today and my revenue this month is


$9,299 !!!! 


What changed? I got visible!!!


Thank you Six Figure Society™️. 3-2-1 Power Hour. Thank You Rebeca!!!

Chrisie Augustina

Owner, Chrisie Augustina LLC

Rebeca has positively changed my business, my life and my marriage! 


In just 3 months I increased my personal revenue by 1100% - that is just went into my pocket, not even the amount of growth my business experienced!


So, if you are thinking about joining Six Figure Society™️, just think about how you will feel 6 months from now if you say YES vs if you say NO.

Sariah Fouladi

Founder, PandaSource

Inside the society we will:



  • Create Your Business Code

    Creating your unique business blueprint by matching your big vision to your personality

  • Design Your Power Hour

    Designing a power hour that will take your business to growth mode - for as little as one hour a day

  • Map Out Your Money Goals

    Mapping out your money goals and paving a clear path to get you there

  • Upgrade Your Signature Offer

    Upgrade your offer so that you have your ideal clients saying yes over and over again

  • Signature Talk

    Create a signature talk that captivates any audience while communicating your value

  • Packaging & Positioning

    Create packages that positions you as an expert in your field and is an easy YES for your ideal clients

  • Content Strategy

    Content hacks for posts and FB lives so that you don't ever run out of things to say 

  • CEO Mindset

    Upgrade your money mindset to a six figure CEO so that your business grows with you time and time again

From homeless to business coach!


After leaving a toxic relationship, I slept in my car. That night, I decided that enough was enough.


I would never be that broke or broken again.


And once I changed my relationship with MONEY, I started attracting the right people and opportunities into my life!


I became an energetic match for my next level life *

I created seamless flow in my business *

And I started making more money than I ever had before *


Soon enough, everyone around me wanted to know the secret to this whole new life!


And just like that, I began helping entrepreneurs make more money by changing their mindset, implementing simple strategies,  and defining their 




Now I help my clients scale to multi-six and 7 figures!


Don't miss this opportunity!


PS: My clients pay thousands of dollars for this information. You do not want to miss out!

Before Six Figure Society™️ I was in a place of overwhelm, overthinking, and burnout. 


Within three months of working with Rebeca in Six Figure Society™️, she helped me simplify and streamline my business and gave me so much clarity about my program and packaging.  


At this point in time, I am actually working less, but my revenue has DOUBLED! 

Heather Reed

Founder and CEO, Lil Snoozers

"Rebeca’s approach to business is easy...and it works. As someone who was addicted to ‘doing,’ I was skeptical at first. It seemed too good to be true. There had to be a catch! But then a few months into starting my new business, I had my first $20k month...and then I was a believer! Thanks to her coaching on mindset and strategy, I have been able to build a 6-figure business in a few months! There are no shortcuts in life or in business, but working with Rebeca comes pretty, pretty close!”

Gaby Abrams

Rapid Transformational Business Coach

I found a new version of me through Six Figure Society™️. Before joining the program, I was frugal and allowed my cheap money mindset to hold me back.  


Working through my money mindset with Rebeca in Six Figure Society™️, I realized how interconnected it was in my life and my business.


I now know that I have the money mindset tools, to overcome any challenges or self-sabotage that may come up as I grow and scale!  

Brittany Fank

Owner & Founder, Brittany Fank Consulting

Your six figure business is waiting for you!

And the bonuses are amazing!!!

While we work on all the strategy and mindset, Gaby Abrams who is a Rapid Transformation Therapist© has created a special recording that will rewire your thoughts and help you overcome your subconscious blocks that might be keeping you from reaching your goals! 



 Brittany H Morgan who is a copywriter for six and seven figure entrepreneurs and the mastermind behind StorySelling© will be doing a workshop inside Six Figure Society sharing all of the techniques on selling through your story! 



And women empowerment coach and speaker Marta Spirk will be coaching us on "Boss Mode Through The Enneagram: Turning Your Weaknesses into Your Superpower" so that you can run your business authentically and in integrity with yourself, allowing you to build a deeper connection with

your audience and clients.


Sariah Fouladi who is an Online Business Manager and master of team management, scaling, and all things growth will be providing us guidance on 5 Steps to Prepare Your Business for Growth - Putting Systems in Place for Efficient Team Management.  If you are ready to scale effortlessly, you won't want to miss this bonus training!


If you are ready to expand the way you think about money, then you will love the training provided by Sarah Buehner, an Intuitive, Coach and Energy Healer.  She will lead us in a group exercise on Energy Healing and the Energy of Money to help you unlock your next level of abundance.


You will also receive a 1 on 1 strategy session with my right hand lady, Greta Iannuccilli.  As my Online Business Manager, I have seen her unique ability to see, analyze, and strategize situations over and over.  She will also be able to provide additional guidance on the Six Figure Power Hour™️, to help you fill your calendar and develop a waitlist!


For those of you who are book keepers, Shannon Palermo will be leading a special call specifically for book keepers!  All of the elements of Six Figure Society apply to scaling your book keep business but there are some nuances that Shannon has mastered and will be sharing with you!



Inside Six Figure Society™️​ are therapists, business strategists, business coaches, book keepers, online business managers, copywriters, marriage coaches, pregnancy coaches, business coaches and sleep consultants! 


These boss ladies are ready to reach their Six Figure business and I can't wait to celebrate each milestone with them and with YOU!

We kick off soon!


Six Months of Weekly Coaching Sessions with a mix of strategy, mindset and hot seat coaching!

I am all in to help you have IT ALL

$3,000 or 

6 Payments of $555

100% Privacy. We Will Never Spam You!

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