Do you start every morning rushing?!  Like from the second your feet hit the floor you are taking care of something or someone?!


Maybe you are feeling so overwhelmed with your current workload that you barely have the time to implement the new strategy to get new clients which makes you legit concerned about what will happen to your income once your current clients are done with you... All you have ever wanted was a successful Six Figure Business but it feels so out of grasp...


What if I told you that in order to find success you need to SLOW DOWN.  Ok, I know what you are thinking -- there is NO time for that.  But what I can promise you, is that by being intentional for 1 hour a day, you will be giving yourself back time and simplifying your business and never chasing new clients again! 


Don't believe me?! Here is what my clients have to say:


Sixty Minutes A Day To Your Six Figure Business! 




They have also said...


Sixty Minute Investment In Your Six Figure Business!

In this masterclass series I will show you how with an investment of just one hour a day, I fill my calendar (and waitlist), sell my programs before even launching and most of all, feel in control of my schedule and set up for success over and over again.


Together over the course of the 5 masterclass series we will:

  • Be Pro-Active Vs Reactive

    Be pro-active instead of reactive with your day!

  • Create MORE leads with my 321 Client Attraction Blueprint™️

    Get the scoop on my 321 Client Attraction Blueprint™️ to get you 15 new leads a week! That is 60 new leads a month!

  • Show up Consistently with my 5 Step Show Up System™️ 

    5 Step Show Up System™️ to get your visibility through the roof by showing up daily! And knowing exactly what to say and how to say it!

  • Harness the Neuroscience of Journaling

    Journaling hacks for success. Learn how to quickly overcome mindset blocks that keep you stuck!

  • Be Productive Instead of Busy

    Do more in your day in much less time by being super intentional with the activities that move the needle in your business. 

  • Stay on Track with my 90 Day Planner

    Get all of these steps in a 90 day planner so that you never wonder what to do next! 

"You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems." James Clear, Atomic Habits



The Six Figure Power Hour is a rinse and repeat system that leverages your time by making you very intentional with how you spend your day, gives you a solid client attraction blueprint AND helps you to commit to showing up for yourself like you have never done before!


How do I know?! Because this is the system I have used to grow my business to Six Figures and beyond!  I didn't build my business in 15 hour days, I built it on the foundation of the Six Figure Power Hour.


I remember when I began investing in my business and trying to implement all different types of strategies that took me all day and left me completely deflated to the point that I found myself rethinking this whole entrepreneurship thing. 


Even though I was doing all the "right things" I was not getting the results I wanted. I spent all day on social media putting out content non-stop, creating freebie after freebie that never lead to a sale and feeling so salezy in the 100 daily conversations that I had been told I needed to have! 


Plain and simple: it was not sustainable! 


There had to be an easier way. 


That's when I created the framework that WORKS!


Imagine being excited to start your work day because you know exactly what to do and when to do it! 


Imagine making geniune connections with amazing people only have to them refer or even better HIRE you because they love your authenticity

and what you have to offer!


Imagine celebrating record months with so much aligment that you almost can't believe this is your life! 


That's what I want for you!


I want you to squeak with excitment with each paypal notification! 


I want you to work with people who are so amazing that it feels like hanging out with your besties and still getting paid for it! 


I want you to never have to worry about where your next client is going to come from! 


And I want you to live your life to the fullest while still making money!


Because only AMAZING things happen when people like you have MONEY! 





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Sixty Minutes A Day To Your Six Figure Business! 

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