Are you ready to transform your mindset when it comes to money?

A positive money mindset is the foundation of any successful business. Just like a magnet, your mindset can repel or connect you with the million-dollar life desire. 


How would it feel to be that person that just has it all?

To have success experienced in an effortless fashion vs constantly feeling like you are doing all the right things, but you are still stuck with nothing to show for it. 


So, what is the million dollar secret? What do millionaires do differently to attract the right opportunities to their lives? 


They make money mindset a non-negotiable! 

This mindset will completely change the way

you think about money!

Money is not a financial issue - it is an emotional problem!

  • Unlucky Winners

    Over 70% of the people who win the lottery end up bankrupt. 

  • Unhappy Couples

    Money is the second leading cause of divorce in America!

  • Stressed Entrepreneurs

    High percentage of businesses fail every year due to lack of capital.

A healthy money mindset places you in a position to live your dreams in all areas of your life! Going from a lack mindset to a wealth mindset has the power to not only help you build a successful business, but transform you into the person who is a magnet for all the things you desire!


 All the tools that comes to helping you to get into that Million Dollar version of yourself is inside the


Millionaire Mindset Masterclass! 

How would it feel...

To never have money drama ever again ?

Imagine, never again feeling anxious when it came to money! Being able to ask for what you want - and get it!


With the Millionaire Mindset Masterclass you learn how to ask for not just what you need and "what you are worth", but for what you want. 


Imagine, having clients who are ready and willing to pay your fees and beyond EXCITED to work with you!


The Millionaire Mindset teaches you how to step into that abundant version of yourself that lives in the overflow! 


Imagined feeling like an energetic match for all that you have ever wanted?


It’s time to say YES to stepping into your million dollar life - NOW!


Sign up today and get: 

Step by step strategies to completely overhaul your money mindset and

start seeing changes now!


5 Video series to rewire your

Money Mindset. 


Downloadable workbook to get you into action - now.


Clear step by step strategies.

No more guess work.

Millionaire Library

List of the books read by millionaires and billionaires.


Space is limited! 


Your Wealth Mindset Starts Now

Regular Pricing $297

Only $77

100% Privacy. 

Mindset meets strategy...

I remember investing in my mindset and feeling completely deflated. Even though I was doing all of the "right things", I was not getting the results I wanted. 


Then I finally broke the mold and found that it wasn't ME!  


Most mindset teachings does not include implementation.

Cliches like "act as if" is thrown around - but if you have never been there -

how do you know how to walk "as if"?


Even though I changed my belief, there wasn't any action to create the results that

I desperately wanted. 



They were missing the key ingredient: STRATEGY! 


And now, after helping hundreds of clients recreate their dream lives by completely changing their money mindset I am giving away all the secrets to help you too!


Will you be next?



I cannot accurately put into words how Rebeca has impacted my life. In literally just one session - ONE - she set me straight. Here we are less than two months later and I feel like a completely different person in EVERY aspect of my life. Every working and personal relationship has improved exponentially, my emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual health have all sky rocketed, and my business has grown leaps and bounds in ways I thought would take years. Rebeca, you are a God send. Thank you for helping me get *unstuck* and catapulting me to the next level!

Brittanie Mendez

CEO & Founder, PawPals

This woman is phenomenal. 
I recommend her 100%

Anyone that comes in contact with Rebeca is going to move on from that moment a better person.

I have heard profound words and have been given profound support.

I am lucky to have met this extraordinary coach.

Joseph Houseworth

CEO, Zero260 Design Lab

I wish that I can give Rebeca 10 stars. She is a star at what she does. She has helped me in so many ways from mindset, money issues, and even marketing ideas. I highly suggest her for life coaching or money coaching. Her warm smile and kindness will make anyone feel comfortable.

Becca Darling

Owner, Rebecca Rose Fine Portraits

What is included?


  • Millionaire Mindset Workbook

    Workbook for you to do the exercises as you follow along. 

  • Neuroplasticity and Money

    Shedding old money beliefs, creating a new money reality through an abundance mindset. 

  • Be, Do & Have Exercise 

    Creating the new version of you that lives in the state of abundance so that you can BE, DO & Have all of your desires. 

  • Law of Averages Exercise 

    The ultimate coaching tool that gives you awareness of where you are and create a step by step plan of for your million dollar life! 

  • Million Dollar Plan

    Map out your million dollar revenue year!

  • Money Tree

    Printable Money Tree for you to keep track of your income and rewire old money patterns. 

  • Money Affirmations

    Money affirmations for you to print out as a constant reminder of your new money mindset. 

  • Blank Check

    A blank check for you to print and fill out as a anchor for your next money goal! 

From homeless to business coach!

After leaving a toxic relationship, I slept in my car. One day I decided that enough was enough and I was never going to be that broke or broken again. Once I changed my relationship with MONEY, I started attracting the right people and opportunities into my life!


I became a better entrepreneur, wife, mom, daughter and friend. 

Every single part of my life was impacted by my new money MINDSET.


I became an energetic match for my next level life!


I created seamless flow in my business and I started making more money than I ever did!


Soon enough, everyone around me started asking what was the key to this whole new life!


And just like that I began helping entrepreneurs make more money by changing their mindset and helping them create the



Now I help my clients scale to multi-six and 7 figures!


Don't miss this opportunity!


PS: My clients pay thousands of dollars for this information. You do not want to miss out!

Rebeca is very talented, amazing coach. She has coached me on my business as well as personally and I am so grateful for her support, strategies and knowledge. Rebeca is very skillful in understanding exactly what I need and challenges me to be true to myself and take action. I highly recommend you to be coached by Rebeca I am sure you will be as grateful to her as I am. 

Melissa Worme

Life & Relationship Coach

As a small business owner and dealing with so much I was falling behind with finances and budgeting. With Rebeca as my coach I have a budget set and am already on my way to saving for a vacation to Europe which I don't think I could do without her. What sets her apart? She hows you how to shift your thoughts about your money issues from negative to positive. The biggest plus about working with her is her sense of humor and genuine niceness. 

Lauren Egle

Owner, Earth N Balance 

I have had the pleasure of meeting with Rebeca on a few occasions and I always walk away with a fire bubbling up within me! Not only does she facilitate a mindset shift (which is foundational for anything else), but she is also committed to spurring action. I always walk away with actionable task that I can immediately implement and see results! Rebeca is such a ray of sunshine. I have had other coaching experiences that were lacking for one reason or another, but Rebeca is the real deal. Her genuine heart and passion for seeing others succeed sets her apart. I can't thank her enough! 

Angela Money

Leadership Coach

Your million dollar life is waiting for you!

"Rebeca’s approach to business is easy...and it works. As someone who was addicted to ‘doing,’ I was skeptical at first. It seemed too good to be true. There had to be a catch! But then a few months into starting my new business, I had my first $20k month...and then I was a believer! Thanks to her coaching on mindset and strategy, I have been able to build a 6-figure business in a few months! There are no shortcuts in life or in business, but working with Rebeca comes pretty, pretty close!”

Gaby Abrams

Rapid Transformational Business Coach

In my very first session with Rebeca, she was able to get cut to the core of an issue that I have been working with another coach for 2 years! She gave me actions steps to get me moving forward and build confidence in this area. Her approach was completely different than every other coach I have ever worked with and far more effective! I recommend her to anyone!

Evelyn Johnson

Life Coach

Bonus Trainings


  • Creating a magnetic personality!

    How to enhance what is special about YOU! 

  • How to gain confidence when selling!

    A simple exercise that will switch the way you value your services!

  • The way we talk about $ and how you communicate your prices

    Little shifts that creates big results!

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